Social Responsibility

  • Imperial Bank is concerned about the economic, environmental and social impacts caused by its everyday activities. We are committed to ensuring that our operations are sustainable and contribute to sustainable development. The Bank is therefore transitioning from corporate social responsibility to sustainability reporting. As a first step towards achieving this, Imperial Bank has made a commitment towards implementing the global Children’s Rights and Business Principles.
    Developed by UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children – the Children’s Rights and Business Principles are the first comprehensive set of principles to guide companies on the full range of actions they can take in the workplace, marketplace and community to respect and support children’s rights.
    The Principles are built on existing standards, initiatives and best practices related to business and children and seek to fill gaps to present a coherent vision for business to maximize the positive impacts and minimize negative impacts on children.

    Promoting Education

    At Imperial Bank, we believe that our efforts should be focused on building peoples’ lives. One major way through which we achieve this is by impacting the young through education. Our main focus is in providing learning opportunities for needy yet bright children so as to have a positive impact on their growth.
    We therefore offer direct support or partner with other institutions in realizing this role as a responsible corporate citizen.
    68 girls from North Eastern now have access to secondary education, giving them the chance to better their lives.
    In 2013, Imperial Bank, through its partnership with UNICEF, continued with the agreement with the Northern Kenya Education Trust (NoKET), by contributing towards the secondary school education of 68 girls from North Eastern Kenya. After a fruitful two-year partnership, the girls are now in Form Three. Last year, all our 68 Form Two scholars from 24 secondary schools around the country continued to perform well with at least 30 students achieving scores within the ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade brackets.
    Additionally, as part of their ongoing formation as Imperial Bank – NoKET scholars, the girls were given the opportunity to participate in a leadership and mentorship conference in December 2013. It aimed at developing leadership capacities while at the same time providing the scholars with inspiration, role models and positive experiences to carry on with their studies.

    Other Partnerships 


    Imperial Bank shares its expertise, financial and human resources to support community initiatives. It endeavors to work in partnership with community groups, civil society organizations, NGOs and other companies whose goals are consistent with the bank’s CSR focus areas. To this end, the bank partnered with the American Women’s Association to empower low income-earners by introducing a savings account for them. The bank has partnered with the Lions clubs in a number of projects in Mombasa and Malindi including the annual free plastic and reconstructive surgery camp at the Malindi District hospital.

    Improving the livelihood of disadvantaged children

    Imperial Bank is concerned about future generations and is committed to improving the livelihood of disadvantaged children. The bank has therefore supported street children rehabilitation centers such as the Eldoret Rescue Centre, the Street Children’s Assistance Network in Nakuru and the Imani Children’s home in Nairobi. It also supports children’s homes such as Kipchoge Keino’s Lewa Children’s home and the Hi-Jung Oh Children’s home in Nairobi.

    Staff Involvement

    Imperial Bank commits its resources to creating a positive impact in the community especially in the areas where we have a presence. The bank continues to live its values by achieving commercial success in ways that honor ethical values and respect people and communities. The bank’s most important asset is its people. It is committed to providing an enabling and friendly working environment and also invests in training of its staff members to ensure that they reach their full potential. In so doing they contribute to the growth of the bank and give back to the community. Imperial Bank staff members not only support bank-sponsored campaigns but also nationwide initiatives such as the Annual Mater Heart run and the Nairobi Hospice Walk