Corporate Payments


    • PayNet is an electronic payroll processing solution for your entire human resource.
    • Bulk payments, enables you to send money through M-pesa or Airtel money to a number or phone numbers within minutes.

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  • One Stop Service – PayNet allows you to make precise and secure payments to employees who hold accounts at all clearing banks.
  • Security – PayNet subscribes to a rigorous security access control mechanism. The procedures and standards ensure that payments are effected safely. PayNet security features include:
    • File Encryption
    • Payment authentication
    • Unique Originator ID and Individual Password Control
    • Confidentiality
    • Various level of authorization


  • Reduced Internal administration – PayNet allows you to import payment data directly from your payroll package, thus maximizing the potential administrative benefits.
  • Cost Savings – As bank charges will be reduced by over 50%, the cost of processing salaries using PayNet is very competitive. There will be no charge for installing our software or training your staff.
  • Faster Processing of Salaries – Files delivered before 1500hrs will be processed on the same day and employees who hold accounts with Imperial Bank can withdraw the money same day. Those whose accounts are in other banks will be credited the following day, subject to interbank clearing rules.
  • Audit Trail – A full audit trail function is available, to keep track of the activities of the various users as well as the payments processed.
  • Basic PC set up requirements – PayNet does not require special system specification and will work on most PC Windows operating systems
  • Improved accuracy – Using a computerized payroll package will drastically reduce human intervention in the payment process and thus enhance accuracy, minimize errors and reduce the possibility of fraud.
  • Different levels of authorization – Paynet system allows for different levels of authorization ensuring no unauthorized payments can be done.
  • Centralized help desk – In case you experience any problems or have any queries, they will be resolved expeditiously by a dedicated, well-trained support desk team.

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